Global Education & Research Institute (GERIns) is an emerging organization working in the fields of online education, research publication, indexing services and awards distribution. GERIns is initiated by a group of researchers with an objective of bringing together innovative scientists, professors, research scholars, students, and industrial experts in the field of Arts, Science, Management and Technology. The primary aim of GERIns is to disseminate knowledge of the advances of cutting-edge technologies. The goal is to promote the exchange of innovative scientific information between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners.
Global Education and Research Awards (GERA) was established under the flagship of GERIns by a couple of educators to provide an online platform for educationalists to get the recognition of their achievement in the field of education and research. It helps student to identify and display their talent and get the knowledge on cutting edge technologies. It serves the worldwide academic communities and contributes to the progress and application of science, management, arts, and technology.
Global Memberships (GM) are provided under the flagship of Global Education & Research Institute (GERIns) to students, scholars, teachers, researchers, educationalist, and industry persons. Memberships are provided for the professionals working or studying in the various fields. The aim of membership is to provide a platform where different scientists, professors, research scholars, students, and industrial experts can collaborate and share knowledge to enhance the knowledge content.
Global Indexing and Research Council (GIRC) is a free online service under the flagship of GERIns that helps you to find web resources for your articles and research. GIRC provides access to educational research literature to improve practice in teaching, learning, research and educational decision-making. The GIRC provides indexing to international journals and conferences. The purpose is to increase the visibility and ease of use of scientific and scholarly research papers of journals and conferences and promoting their increased usage as well as impact.
A2Z Journals is involved in publishing open access, scholarly, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary, fully refereed, and scientific online international journals for Scientists, Engineers, Research Scholars, Students and Academicians under the flagship of GERIns. The vision is to publish original research papers, refereed papers, and articles in the diversified fields. A2Z- Journals publishes original Research Papers, Review Papers, Survey Papers, etc.