Student Chapters

The AIRIC Students’ Chapter is a program specifically designed for engineering colleges, polytechnics, and universities that offer courses related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and its applications in web development, app development, cloud computing, agriculture, healthcare, management, social media, navigation and travel, banking and finance, cyber security, surveillance, e-commerce, smart city management, construction, robotics and various unexplored applications. The program is intended to help these institutions deliver high-quality education and training in these fields by providing support and collaboration opportunities.

The program is established for specific departments such as Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Electrical Engineerint, Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Applied Sciences, etc. The AIRIC Students’ Chapter will work closely with these departments to ensure that students receive the necessary resources and training to excel in these fields.

Through this program, students will have access to various learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, and training sessions. The program will also provide students with access to industry experts and professionals who can provide guidance and mentorship.

Overall, the AIRIC Students’ Chapter is a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of education and training in the fields of machine learning, web development, app development, and cloud computing. By providing students with the necessary resources and support, the program aims to prepare them for successful careers in these industries.

Our Commitee Members

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Dr. Akhtar Kalam


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Dr. Pierluigi Siano


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Dr. Ashraf Darwish


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Dr. Suresh Dara


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Dr. Mourad Elloumi


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Dr. Valentina E Balas


Apply for Student Chapter

To apply for an AIRIC Student Chapter, a faculty member as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) from an institution is required to fill the Google Form which will be processed by the competent authority from the AIRIC, GERIns. The SPOC will be informed and the further information may be asked if necessary. Once the chapter is approved the status will be communicated to the SPOC.

Please click on the Application Form Link given below.

Procedure for Establishing the AIRIC Students Chapter

Step 1. Chapter Formation Application: Complete the required google form to submit the chapter formation application to AIRIC.

Step 2. Await Confirmation: After submitting the application, patiently wait for AIRIC's response. The approval process may take some time, so be prepared to follow up if required.

Step 3. Chapter Formation: After getting approval of establishing the chapter by AIRIC, the SPOC (Chapter Chair) will be requested to start the establishment procedure of chapter at the conserned department.

Step 4. Chapter Formation Guidelines: The following guidelines are required for chapter formation:
     * At least 10 students should register in the chapter
     * Per 10 students one faculty member will get the complementry membership
     * AIRIC Student Membership charges are 200 INR for Indian students and 20 USD for international students.
     * AIRIC Professional Membership charges are 500 INR for Indian professionals and 80 USD for international professionals.

Step 5. The registration amount will be submitted by the department in the following account. The account details are given below:

     A/C No.: 2747805092
     Name of the Account: Global Welfare and Educational Trust
     IFSC Code: KKBK0005191 (used for RTGS and NEFT transactions)
     Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank

Step 6. The SPOC has to submit the registration amount submission proof and a list of students in EXCEL format to the email

Step 7. The submitted documents will be reviewed and the confermation acknowledgement will be sent to SPOC.

Step 8. E-Certificate of establishment of Chapter, student members and professional members will be emailed to SPOC.

Step 9. An individual web page of Chapter will be added to the AIRIC site and link will be emailed to SPOC.

Step 10. Every AIRIC Chapter is required to be renewed anually.

Step 11. Conduct elections among the interested student members to appoint chapter officers such as Chapter Chair, Program Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other relevant positions.

Step 12. Invite students from relevant departments (robotics, electronics, computer science, etc.) to join the chapter as members. The chapter should be open to all students with an interest in AI.

Encourage collaboration with other AIRIC student chapters and organizations both locally and internationally. Participate in joint events, exchange programs, and share best practices to foster a global network of like-minded students.

By following this procedure and diligently working towards the objectives of the AIRIC Students Chapter, you will contribute to the growth and development of AI within your academic community and beyond.

Established Student Chapters


AIRIC Student Chapter Activities

a. Organize Events: Plan and conduct regular events such as workshops, seminars, guest lectures, technical demonstrations, and networking sessions related to artificial intelligence.

b. Collaborate with Industry Professionals: Establish connections with professionals and companies in the industry to facilitate knowledge exchange, internships, and research opportunities for chapter members.

c. Publish Newsletters: Create and distribute newsletters showcasing the chapter's activities, achievements, and contributions in the field.

d. Volunteer and Outreach: Engage in community service activities or outreach programs related to intelligent robotics and integrated circuits, demonstrating the chapter's commitment to social responsibility.

AIRIC Student Chapter Sustainability

a. Membership Recruitment: Continuously promote the chapter to attract new members and sustain a diverse and engaged community.

b. Financial Management: Maintain transparent financial records and ensure responsible use of chapter funds for activities and initiatives.

c. Annual Reporting: Comply with AIRIC's reporting requirements, providing updates on the chapter's activities, achievements, and future plans.

Organizational Structure of the Chapter

Chapter Chair

The duties of Chapter Chair will be as follows :-

  • To preside at all the chapter meetings with a prepared agenda
  • To give final approval of chapter expenditures
  • To coordinate the meetings and events organized by the chapter
  • To ensure the fulfilment of the objectives of the chapter

Program Chair

The duties of Program Chair are as follows :-

  • Responsible to organize the technical events and promotion of the chapter.
  • All the meetings and activities will be convened by Program Chair in the absence of Chapter Chair.


The duties of Secretary are as follows :-

  • Keeps records on each chapter activity, along with the name of the participants, tasks performed, time and date and event posters.
  • Preparing all the minutes of the meeting
  • Preparing the chapter’s Annual Report


The duties of Secretary are as follows :-

  • Treasurer is responsible to maintain the records related to financial concerns of the events organized by the Chapter.

Chapter Year Book

Chapter Calendar

A one-page notice on the scheduled events for a single academic year is called a chapter calendar. The Chapter Chair and other chapter leaders will work together to create the calendar.

Roster of Members

A list of the members The list of students who have signed up for the students' chapter appears on the roster of Members. Email addresses and mobile numbers must be included in the details. The roster will include information about the officers.

Minutes of the Meetings (MoM)

All meetings pertaining to the chapter must be properly recorded in meeting minutes. These responsibilities fall on the secretary.

Attendance Records

To demonstrate the level of commitment and interest in various events, attendance should be taken at every meeting and event.

Record of Activities

All activities must be accurately documented with papers such as the poster, participant list, event report, and, if applicable, media coverage.

Annual Report

The Chapter Chair will send AIRIC an annual report at the conclusion of the meeting that includes a summary of the aforementioned files.

Benefits of AIRIC Student Chapter

a. For all the students and professors involved with the chapter, two online webinars on any contemporary technology will be organised throughout one academic session.

b. The chapter's students will be able to take advantage of discounted certification courses provided by AIRIC, GERINS.

c. Student Training Programme will be organised in online mode on cutting edge technologies subject to annually renewal of chapter.

d. Connect with Peers: Engage with like-minded students who share similar interests, academic pursuits, and career aspirations, building a supportive network of friends and colleagues.

e. Industry Exposure: Gain access to industry professionals, guest speakers, and alumni through workshops, seminars, and networking events, enhancing your knowledge and industry insights.

f. Leadership Opportunities: Develop leadership and organizational skills by actively participating in the Student Chapter's activities and holding leadership positions.

g. Practical Experience: Engage in hands-on projects, workshops, and competitions, honing technical and soft skills crucial for career success.

h. Time Management: Learn effective time management as you balance academics, extracurricular activities, and chapter responsibilities.

i. Study Groups: Collaborate with fellow students in study groups, helping each other succeed academically and share knowledge.

j. Academic Workshops: Participate in academic workshops and tutoring sessions to improve subject-specific understanding and performance.

k. Internship and Job Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive internship and job postings shared within the Student Chapter network.

l. Resume Building: Receive guidance on crafting resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation to enhance your job prospects.

m. Company Visits: Get opportunities to visit companies, research labs, and innovation centers, expanding your knowledge of real-world applications.

n. Guest Lectures: Attend talks by industry leaders, researchers, and experts, gaining insights into the latest trends and innovations.

o. Soft Skill Development: Participate in workshops focused on communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills, which are essential for personal and professional growth.

p. Confidence Boost: Gain confidence through public speaking and taking part in various activities, empowering you to express ideas and opinions effectively.

q. Networking Events: Participate in social gatherings, cultural events, and community service initiatives, promoting a well-rounded college experience.

r. Collaboration: Engage in joint events and collaborations with other student organizations, broadening your social network and exposure to diverse perspectives.

s. Acknowledgment: Receive recognition and awards for exceptional contributions to the Student Chapter and the community.

t. Awards and Scholarships: Opportunities for awards, scholarships, and sponsorships based on your active involvement and achievements.

Joining the Student Chapter will provide you with a platform to learn, grow, and create lasting memories during your academic journey. It's a chance to make a difference, build meaningful connections, and prepare for a successful future in your chosen field. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our AIRIC Student Chapter!